Isherwood + Ellis


Braidside Integrated Primary School

Sector: Education
Client: Education Authority NI
Location: Ballymena

I+E were appointed to undertake a feasibility study of the site in 2011 and were subsequently reappointed in 2015 to lead the Design Team in the subsequent D&C procurement. The site suffers from notable ambient noise levels due to proximity of the M2 motorway to the northern boundary which has driven the massing, orientation, fenestration and ventilation strategies.

The building is arranged in a Y configuration with an internal courtyard, covered spaces and walled garden which combine to act as a buffer to the external noise. This enables the school cater for outdoor learning, which is a fundamental element in the school curriculum. The mono–pitch roof configuration of the classrooms slopes down to the central spine, maximising light into the courtyard and top–lit rooms.

The combined Multipurpose Hall and Dining provision opens up to the front entrance and is lined at the upper level with polycarbonate sheet clad lanterns, diffusing soft daylight into the space, even on the cloudiest of days.

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